Beach real estate has many benefits to make the initial investment grow. When the idea of investing starts, it is necessary to define what do you want to obtain, in order to choose the right property. Finding a good place to invest in the beach is not complicated at all.

In Costa Rica there are many coastal areas, but undoubtedly Guanacaste, which is part of the Pacific, is an area with a lot of potential. The beaches of this province have a  beauty that attracts many people to invest in real estate.

Here are some benefits of investing in properties near the beach:

Growing economic development thanks to tourism

Thanks to the growing popularity of the beautiful Guanacaste beaches, every year more and more tourists choose this area to enjoy their vacations, without leaving aside the national travelers who also represent a strong number.

The fact that tourism is a strong card in the economy of a city, implies that it develops faster than other places because of the capital that is injected in terms of new businesses, this manages to attract more tourists and people in search of new ways of living.

Beach cities offer a better quality of life thanks to various factors such as climate, which attracts many new inhabitants; Costa Rica also continues to be a bridge between North America, South America and Europe. In this country, the cities with beaches are the ones that are growing faster and with higher added value.

propiedades cerca de la playa

More than one use

If you are thinking of acquiring a property to generate income through rent, you can also make use of the property when you need it. You will be able to have your own property available whenever you wish and, when it is unoccupied, you will be able to put it to work to generate income.

Actually, tourist destinations with beaches and warm weather are gaining ground with the rental of apartments via mobile applications like Airbnb.

Increasing property value

The most popular Costa Rican beaches, such as those located in Guanacaste, have positioned themselves as places that offer a good quality of life due to their services and the warm weather that prevails almost all year round, which invites many foreigners and nationals to move or visit them.

That is why the residential developments that are located in strategic points near the beach or entertainment spots, increase the capital gain as the area continues to develop.

Manage your finances in dollars

Investing in beach real estate often allows you to manage your economy in dollars. This thanks to the increasing number of foreigners visiting and moving to Guanacaste or coastal areas.

Keeping your investment in dollars allows your economy to remain more stable in the market. Because you are using an international currency.

Foreign Direct Investment strengthens the use of the dollar in transactions. This helps the real estate market to grow, remain stable and receive foreign capital, which directly benefits your investment.

propiedades cerca de la playa

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why making an investment in beach real estate is a smart decision, it is a matter of choosing the right project in the ideal location. From this and over time, you will be able to receive all these and more benefits. Here is our Nativu Guanacaste portfolio.

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