Xinia Castro is the new advisor representing theGrecia office and its surroundings. In addition to being a specialist in the market, Xinia has extensive knowledge in the area, which allows her clients to be positioned in a better way.

Throughout her professional career, she has managed to create lasting relationships with her clients, who fully trust the service she provides. This advisor has several years of experience, so her love and dedication in each process is key.

What I enjoy most about my job is creating lasting connections with my clients. It is a reciprocal relationship in which we accompany each other during the transaction process.

Xinia Castro, NATIVU Grecia Advisor

Xinia is characterized by being a dynamic, productive and capable person to give advice on buying, selling, municipal procedures and much more. That is why in the following video, you can learn more about Xinia, what she likes most about being a real estate consultant and the characteristics that make her the best option for you as a broker.

The real estate market in Grecia is stable with various options for all tastes and needs. From productive farms, to commercial premises and residences. This area combines the best of the mountain lifestyle, with a characteristic warmth.

If you are interested in looking for investment options, do not hesitate to contact Xinia Castro, this dynamic advisor connects exceptional clients with the properties of their dreams.

Properties represented by Xinia Castro