Become Nosara

Digital model of the project

Early stages of Become Nosara

Become is a condominium complex with a working center located in Playa Guiones, in the are of Nosara, Costa Rica. But more than that is the opportunity to live a life worth living.

One you can enjoy but at the same time have all the tools and space you need to do any type of remote work.

  • A total of 54 units in the condominium, all fully furnished and designed with exquisite modern architecture

  • You can live, work, eat and enjoy a healthy lifestyle close to the beach.

  • Possible buyers can take advantage of our pre sale prices.



Nosara Become

Work in progress

Building A

Gray work in the making!

The first stages of the work have been completed.

This month the last third of the mezzanine level 7.00 in building A is being poured.

The goal for the next two weeks is to come out with the roof slab of building B.



Work Center

& more

April 2023 updates

  • WorkCenter: we started construction of gray works, foundations. Prefabricating metal structure workshop for assembly on site in the month of April.

  • -Building B: concluding roof slab this week, 91% Finished
    -Building A: 71% Gray Work, 7% Finishes
    -Building C: 11% Gray Work, 0% Finishes

  • VIP: start of the outline for the foundation slab scheduled for April, prefabricating concrete walls in the workshop!

  • Fire Tank and Treatment Plant: Start of foundations

  • Pool: in line for the beginning of April.

  • Infrastructure: in progress mechanical rainwater pipe systems.