At NATIVU, all of our real estate agents are trained to provide support and advice throughout the entire buying and selling process. We start by making a Representation Agreement that includes between 5% to 10% (plus IVA) of the final sales price. This commission is paid when the agreement between the parties to buy and sell the property is completed.

This agreement does not include exclusivity, meaning that the property owner is not obliged to cancel the commission if the sale is made through another real estate agent. Therefore, the risk of the agents when acquiring your property is to invest a great amount of their time and effort until the purchase of the property is formalized through them.

To avoid this type of situation, our advisors help you to represent your property in the best possible way. Ensuring that throughout the process, you as a seller get all the benefits from contracting with NATIVU.

Benefits of working with a Nativu advisor:

Specific advice according to the area

Price appraisals for the property

Previous selection of buyers

Advice on repairs or changes of the property

Advertising of the property on different digital platforms

They filter the offers to choose the one that’s best

The real estate advisor is who is in charge of organizing spaces that advertise your property to make it known within the market. NATIVU has its own digital platforms with the goal of increasing the exposure of properties and attract more interested clients.

The filter process carried out seeks to streamline the purchase process, analyzing different characteristics in interested buyers to ensure that the investment of the seller’s time is really worth it. In addition, our advisors work with international and external brokers who maximize the scope of your property in the market to be able to sell it in the shortest possible time.