At NATIVU we advise you on the best way to wisely invest your time and money in buying properties in Costa Rica.

Steps to Buying Properties in Costa Rica

  • Establish tastes and budget: in this first step you must establish what you are looking for. This ranges from the type of property, be it a lot, an apartment, a house; to the characteristics of this. For example, if you want it to have a garden, swimming pool, several parking spaces, a certain number of rooms, etc. You should also research the market at what price they are are selling for properties similar to the one you are looking for, so you can establish a realistic budget, or adjust your expectations to your budget.

  • Savings / Credit Pre-Approval: next you must get the money with which you are going to acquire the property, this can be by saving and / or getting a bank loan for your house. In this process it is good to take the time to look for the best credit option with a low interest rate, since not all banks offer the same benefits.

  • Find a Real Estate Advisor: This step can be done before seeking financing, as most advisers can provide you with information necessary for the loan process and simultaneously help you find properties while that process unfolds. An advisor is essential, because they will guide you in the real estate market looking for the property that best suits your interests and needs.

  • Search Properties & Make Offers: start the search! Your real estate advisor will be helping you find a property with the characteristics established in the first step and the budget based on these. Remember to enjoy this process as you are looking for your dream home!

  • Negotiation Process & Procedures: after your offer has been sent, the entire negotiation process comes. This may include home inspections, appraisals, legal consultations, etc. Likewise, all the transfer procedures and others will be done in this phase. This stage of the process can take several weeks, however it is important to review all with detail and patience.

  • Closing of the Sale: congratulations! Now you are the owner of the property you were looking for. You will soon be moving into your new home or developing your new property. In any case, at NATIVU we want this process to be an opportunity to invest wisely and live happily.

About the costs of buying properties in Costa Rica …

Due Diligence & Legal Advice Property Transfer Costs Financing Costs Other Costs
Lawyers Timbres: aprox 1.3% May vary according to figure and financial institution Property preparation for living
Engineers Transfer tax: 1.5% Creation of the trust Warehouses and installation of basic services
Other professionals professional fees:  1-2% Mortgage Constitution: 0.25% Register / 0.53% – timbres / 0.5% – 1.25% notary Moving costs