Farms and properties for sale in Costa Rica.  Buy farms, sell farms, and learn about farm ownership and transactions with the only farm real estate specialists in Costa Rica.  NATIVU Farms specializes in three types of farms: conservation farms, productive and agricultural farms, and development farms. Read more about the NATIVU Costa Rica specialized farm real estate team, what we do and how we do it.

Forestry Farms in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for its impressive biodiversity and commitment to environmental conservation, has become an attractive destination for those seeking to live [...]

Forestry Farms in Costa Rica2024-03-12T12:05:52-06:00

What is an agricultural appraisal?

An agricultural appraisal can be much more difficult than a residential appraisal and usually requires more specifications. An agricultural appraisal in Costa [...]

What is an agricultural appraisal?2022-04-18T17:11:23-06:00

Buy coffee farms in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is known for being a country where good quality coffee stands out. There are 8 coffee growing regions whose characteristics [...]

Buy coffee farms in Costa Rica!2022-03-24T11:08:48-06:00
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