• cafeterias en escazú-cafes in escazú

    #Explore: Local cafés in Escazú

    At Nativu #WeAreLocal so we explore and share a selection of places for coffee and co-working enthusiasts. Invest your energy and time wisely, and discover these 4 cafes in the heart of Escazú! [...]

  • Ahorro para mejoras de propiedad

    What is TIA in commercial business?

    Tenant Improvement Allowance 'TIA' - is the figure through which the landlord provides an amount of money to the tenant to pay for the cost of improvements or refurbishment of a commercial property, which [...]

  • Requirements for the Transfer of Comercial Patents in Costa Rica

    To keep any commercial business active in Costa Rica, it is necessary to have up-to-date commercial patents and meet the special requirements stipulated by each municipal government. When commercial patents are transferred within the same [...]