• climate change-cambio climatico- costa rica

    Costa Rica’s Efforts Against Climate Change

    Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today, and Costa Rica is taking bold action to combat it. This small Central American country is globally renowned for its [...]

  • Monumento a la educacion costarricense-Monument to Costa Rican education

    Monument to Costa Rican Education

    Monuments are intended to honor our history. The sculptures stop time to convey a great message. There are many works of art that adorn our parks and important centers and without a doubt [...]

  • Crater la olla

    Explore: Crater de la Olla in Cartago!

    Just an hour from San Jose,  Crater of La Olla has become the perfect place for a Sunday walk. Located in Santa Rosa of Cartago, hundreds of people seek to clear themselves from the [...]