Buying commercial property that is well located can be one of the best investment decisions you can make.

In the real estate market, fluctuations are dynamic and very variable, so there are excellent investment and acquisition opportunities to form a prosperous future. Among all the available options, a very good one is to buy a lot or premises, with which you will be able to generate a successful investment.

Some  of the reasons are:

Easy maintenance

If the property is ready to be used, they are easy to maintain and clean, depending on the type of business you are investing. They require little money in this aspect and the negotiation is much more open.

Rate of return on investment

In an average calculation, it was estimated that the rate of return on investment of a commercial property in a growing area can reach 20% per year. With low prices; low investment  with low risk, low liquidity, and high return on investment, it becomes a perfect formula for success.

Strategic Location

The need for housing, business premises, health centers, offices and others, will never disappear, therefore the conditions of profitability and added value are guaranteed. This increases if the location of the commercial properties is privileged, close to strategic points of roads, services, stores and other general interests for the common citizen.

It is not devalued

This is something that will never lose its value. On the contrary, it will not stop increasing, since there is less and less space to build due to the increase of buildings and urbanization. Commercial properties in Costa Rica will increase in value over time.

As mentioned above, investing in buying a lot in Costa Rica can be a great opportunity. In Grecia you can find an exceptional lot for commercial use. Whether to build commercial premises, a supermarket, a store, a clinic or any service infrastructure. This property is located on the Arnoldo Kopper radial that connects Grecia with Ruta 1. According to the Regulatory Plan of Grecia, the property is located in the zone called CU (Corredor Urbano).

Its surroundings are really encouraging to invest in it. Is located near a large condominium with 1300 lots, and close to several smaller condominiums so the service provided, will be very successful. It is also located within walking distance of free trade zones. Would be a trade benefited by the urban development of the city. The lot has a 30 meters front on main street, and is characterized by being above street level, which makes it more attractive. Its topography is moderately flat.

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The key to a successful investment in the commercial area, is that the property has a strategic location like this building  that can be home to a lot of businesses. It is located in the center of Cartago, within walking distance of the Radial Central to enter the canton and the Boulevard El Molino. It has 10 commercial premises which can be used by several companies dedicated to various topics.

This commercial building has several pluses such as parking for visitors, electric security gate and mesh around its perimeter. On the first floor there are five commercial premises; one with office area, meeting room, coffee area, warehouse and two batteries of bathrooms. The others are equipped with restrooms. The upper floor also has the same number of commercial spaces; one with an office area and a battery of bathrooms, another with a mezzanine and a battery of bathrooms. The rest of the commercial spaces have restroom facilities.

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