La oficina de NATIVU HQ es el equipo central de apoyo para los asesores inmobiliarios en Costa Rica.

New NATIVU Area: Grecia!

The NATIVU team is pleased to announce we will be opening a new area: Grecia! With the help of our advisor Patricia Barrantes, [...]

New NATIVU Area: Grecia!2020-12-07T10:51:23-06:00

Benefits of living in Curridabat

Around the country, there are places that have exemplary characteristics to live and Curridabat is one of them. If you are looking for [...]

Benefits of living in Curridabat2020-07-08T21:49:22-06:00

#BuyLocal in Curridabat

Supporting communities is essential for Nativu and in these moments where the economy has changed due to the pandemic, we join the #BuyLocal [...]

#BuyLocal in Curridabat2020-07-08T21:48:58-06:00

Can pets live in a Condo?

Many families would be incomplete without their pets, which is why today guaranteeing them a good quality of life is vital for a [...]

Can pets live in a Condo?2020-05-12T11:39:20-06:00

Advice for Lot Buyers

Based on the experience of our Nativu Guanacaste consultant, Fabricio Riggioni, we share the following recommendations to buy a lot or a farm [...]

Advice for Lot Buyers2020-05-12T11:39:20-06:00
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