NATIVU Footprints

At Nativu we believe in the importance of contributing our grain of sand to society and leaving a positive footprint.

Ecoblocks at home!

One of the most important values ​​that we must adopt is that of ecological awareness, all the support we can give to improve [...]

Ecoblocks at home!2023-01-18T17:12:13-06:00


Currently adopting eco-friendly habits is a critical issue, of great importance and with incredible rewards. And since at NATIVU we believe in decisions [...]


Verdiazul Nativu Trees

The pro-environmental organization, Verdiazul in Junquillal de Guanacaste, perfectly exemplifies the importance of leading our communities wisely and with purpose. Its programs have [...]

Verdiazul Nativu Trees2023-01-18T17:12:38-06:00

#BuyLocal in Curridabat

Supporting communities is essential for Nativu and in these moments where the economy has changed due to the pandemic, we join the #BuyLocal [...]

#BuyLocal in Curridabat2020-07-08T21:48:58-06:00

#BuyLocal in Guanacaste

Collective solidarity is more important than ever and the effort of Nativu #BuyLocal, is created with the objective of supporting our local entrepreneurs. [...]

#BuyLocal in Guanacaste2020-04-28T14:32:28-06:00

#BuyLocal in Cartago

The #BuyLocal initiative is one of the ways in which we can give a helping hand to our enterprising neighbors, in these times. [...]

#BuyLocal in Cartago2023-01-18T17:05:46-06:00

#BuyLocal from Farms

#BuyLocal is an effort of Nativu with the purpose of promoting local economy by supporting local entrepreneurs form our communities. Farm producers play [...]

#BuyLocal from Farms2020-04-28T14:32:56-06:00
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