About Eva Benavides

Estudiante de Relaciones Públicas, me considero una persona apasionada en todo lo que hago. El arte y compartir en familia, forman parte importante de lo que soy. Me encanta conocer gente nueva y aprender de sus historias de vida.

#BuyLocal in Guanacaste

Collective solidarity is more important than ever and the effort of Nativu #BuyLocal, is created with the objective of supporting our local entrepreneurs. [...]

#BuyLocal in Guanacaste2020-04-28T14:32:28-06:00

#BuyLocal from Farms

#BuyLocal is an effort of Nativu with the purpose of promoting local economy by supporting local entrepreneurs form our communities. Farm producers play [...]

#BuyLocal from Farms2020-04-28T14:32:56-06:00

Sustainable livestock strategy

The livestock industry is very important for the development of the country, it is for the most part responsable for greenhouse gas emissions. [...]

Sustainable livestock strategy2020-03-23T11:09:08-06:00

Vegetable Wednesdays

Citizens of Escazú reserve every Wednesday to attend the local farmer's fair organized by them with help of the municipality. As an effort [...]

Vegetable Wednesdays2020-03-09T17:30:06-06:00

Harmonic and balanced spaces

According to Chinese metaphysics, the power or the energy from nature and the universe, has an influence on people, projects, animals and even [...]

Harmonic and balanced spaces2020-02-23T13:40:15-06:00

Feng Shui & Architecture

Have you ever heard of the millenary art of Feng Shui? It was created, studied and developed about 5000 years ago by Chinese [...]

Feng Shui & Architecture2020-01-30T19:18:35-06:00
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