According to Chinese metaphysics, the power or the energy from nature and the universe, has an influence on people, projects, animals and even homes. The ability of comprehend it and use it in your favor, allows you to have more energetic balance and wellness overall.

According to the master class “Your new toolbox” from the journalist Iside Sarmiento who has studies in Feng Shui, there are certain indispensable aspects to have an harmonic and balanced space.

Energy and frequencies

Every person has energy and it surrounds and impact. It is maleable and depend on the things that changes it. Instead, frequencies are the level in which a person vibrates. A balanced person that eats well, rest and is happy, vibrates at 67 MHz. On the other hand, if the person is sick, this frequency reduces to 50 MHz.

Objects such as crystals, change frequencies. When they are use in constructions, the land can have metaphysical preparation as well. The first thing is to make sure that there is no waste left and make a pyramid with the crystals of your choice.


The excess of electromagnetic energy from electronic devices, the A/C, among others… produces free radicals which take away negative iones. This can cause a physical imbalance which lower your defenses and takes away energy.

This can be counteract with small details such as: salt lamps, spending time in the ocean or rivers, crystals and aromatic dispensers.

House with crystals as a table decoration in Cerro Real Escazú, San José. 


A very important aspect about harmonic and balanced spaces, is the position and characteristics of the entrance of a place. This is the way energy comes through and can blocked it as well. Exposed beams and sharp peaks affect the energy flow and can trigger tiredness and even diseases.

Feng Shui

There are five main things that must be clean, tidy and working well to assure a balanced space. It is important to make sure that the stove is working well and the door does not squeak. Also, the bed should be position at a power spot with balance at the sides.

On the other hand, the balcony has to be clean and organized. Something very importa is to make sure that the drains are not located in aspirational spots according to the classic Feng Shui oldschool.

Living Beings

The purpose of building balanced spaces is to find wellness for every person who lives in the house. This includes every living thing, such as  plants and animals. The first ones produce oxygen and help to increase growth energy. On the other hand, pets help to move dense energy that builds up on the floor when they walk around the house.

Personal element

Every person has a Kua number which describes personality, ambitions and the future.

  • How to calculate it?

If it is a woman, you add the last two digits of the year of birth and bring it to a single digit, then add five to your single digit. If the result has two digits, keep adding until it becomes one. E.g: (7+5=12 → 2+1=3 → 3+5=8)

If it is a man, the procedure is the same, but at the end instead of adding five, you deduct your single digit to number ten. E.g: (7+5=12 → 2+1=3 → 10-3=7)

With the Kua number you can know your most beneficial positions around the house to boost certain aspects in life.

Remember that Chinese metaphysic is not a religion, magic or superstitions. It is based on astrological studies with the purpose of finding balance. If your are thinking of building or redecorating your house, this can be something interesting to take into consideration.

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