Land uses in Costa Rica

Land use certificates in Costa Rica are governed by the country's urban regulations, which allow different projects to be carried out on [...]

Land uses in Costa Rica2022-02-11T13:42:45-06:00

Can pets live in a Condo?

Many families would be incomplete without their pets, which is why today guaranteeing them a good quality of life is vital [...]

Can pets live in a Condo?2022-01-04T13:33:46-06:00

Advice for Lot Buyers

Based on the experience of our Nativu Guanacaste consultant, Fabricio Riggioni, we share the following recommendations to buy a lot or a farm [...]

Advice for Lot Buyers2020-05-12T11:39:20-06:00

Considerations a Lot seller should have

Nativu Guanacaste consultant, Fabricio Riggioni clarifies the following recommendations to sell a lot specifically in Guanacaste, during the current situation that the country [...]

Considerations a Lot seller should have2023-01-18T17:05:55-06:00
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