We tell you about some excellent lot opportunities in Cartago

“Cartago is the territory to invest in real estate in the next three years, due to the increase in population. The thousands of people who migrated, driven by living near their jobs, are returning to be close to their relatives, enjoy abundant nature, a cooler climate and a rural lifestyle. “-  Ciany Devoto/Asesora Nativu Cartago

Lotes Cartago

If you plan to retire and live peacefully surrounded by nature; This community offers, proximity to places of recreation, health services, and large green areas.

The project offers for sale, villas with double access to enter and exit, private street, public lighting, availability of water and Internet service with green spaces and a forest reserve 5 minutes from the city.

Opportunity to build a custom home that meets the wishes of each member of the family. Easy access, with a forest reserve near by at just 5 minutes from the city of Turrialba.

You can get the best of living in the country on the edge of the city. Maintaining the comforts that urban life represents, but without the hustle and bustle or insecurity that usually accompanies it.

Lotes Cartago

Build your home in a safe place with great amenities, surrounded by lakes, nature trails, and lush trees.

In this 280 m2 corner lot, you can design your dream residence while keeping the guidelines of the natural environment.

If you are interested in more information about these lots in Cartago or looking for opportunity houses, here is the NATIVU Cartago property  portfolio.

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