Este: Vera Sanchez

The professional Vera Sánchez attended me, I can say that she is an extraordinary professional in her area.I learned a lot from her [...]

Este: Vera Sanchez2022-09-13T21:49:36-06:00

Este: Ravilaukka

I worked with Vera Sánchez, an excellent agent. She took awesome photos and videos of my property for the NATIVU website. She found [...]

Este: Ravilaukka2022-09-13T21:42:01-06:00

Cartago: Sonia Fallas

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the agility, knowledge and experience shown in advising for the sale of real estate.

Cartago: Sonia Fallas2022-09-13T21:24:46-06:00

Este: Jeffry Villalobos

An incredible experience with Doña Verá Sánchez, she accompanied and advised us throughout this process, showing us several options always adjusted to our [...]

Este: Jeffry Villalobos2022-08-25T19:38:23-06:00

Cartago: Magda Morales

I started a process with this company in the Cartago area, with its vendors Ciany and Salomé. They have been very applied, they [...]

Cartago: Magda Morales2022-08-25T21:45:56-06:00

Grecia: Chiara Gamarra

Excellent service from the Grecia team. Advice, guidance and support in each process. Patricia helped us a lot with the sale of 2 [...]

Grecia: Chiara Gamarra2022-08-25T19:28:04-06:00

Grecia: Luberth Morera

I had the pleasure of having the excellent advice of Patricia Barrantes, extremely attentive and kind, I hope to have the chance to [...]

Grecia: Luberth Morera2022-08-25T19:14:45-06:00
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