From rent to buy!

Our Nativu Este advisor, Carolina Trujillo, advised a client from Switzerland on this closing, interested in renting an apartment that became a property [...]

From rent to buy!2023-08-17T13:33:46-06:00

Full Advising!

The work does not stop and our Nativu Escazú advisor, Paola Mazzara, is proof that a good agent helps from start to finish. [...]

Full Advising!2023-08-17T13:06:21-06:00

Escazú: Howard Fernandez

Extremely friendly, went above beyond the call of duty. Very professional, polite, friendly, and experienced. Highly recommend her to anyone, I promise your [...]

Escazú: Howard Fernandez2023-07-26T14:16:38-06:00

Hellen Mooney: Grecia

We recently purchased our home with the assistance of Eloy and Patricia. Honestly this space is not big enough to write the review [...]

Hellen Mooney: Grecia2023-06-22T19:34:41-06:00

Cartago: Cinthya Quirós

Salomé is super professional, responsible and gave us excellent service, both we, the owners and the new tenants recommend her 101%.

Cartago: Cinthya Quirós2023-06-22T19:32:43-06:00

Grecia: Nelson Esquivel

Excellent service, commitment, and seriousness in the whole process of sale by Mr. Eloy.... Highly recommended...

Grecia: Nelson Esquivel2023-05-11T11:25:13-06:00
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