Grecia: Chiara Gamarra

Excellent service from the Grecia team. Advice, guidance and support in each process. Patricia helped us a lot with the sale of 2 [...]

Grecia: Chiara Gamarra2022-08-25T19:28:04-06:00

Grecia: Luberth Morera

I had the pleasure of having the excellent advice of Patricia Barrantes, extremely attentive and kind, I hope to have the chance to [...]

Grecia: Luberth Morera2022-08-25T19:14:45-06:00

Escazú: Adrián Aguilar

The experience with Nativu was very pleasant, especially for the company and recommendations by Paola Mazzara.We thank Nativu and Paola for the sale [...]

Escazú: Adrián Aguilar2022-08-25T21:53:42-06:00

Turrialba: Fernanda Leon Porras

100% recommended.We thank you for your professionalism and efficiency in terms of paperwork in addition to your excellent customer service.Thank you very much [...]

Turrialba: Fernanda Leon Porras2022-08-25T19:44:22-06:00

Cartago: Irene Pereira

El Caiz property - excellent treatment, accompaniment and follow-up given, in a business closing that under many edges was very challenging. I appreciate [...]

Cartago: Irene Pereira2022-08-25T21:38:56-06:00

Grecia: César Hernandez

I received an excellent service from Mr. Eloy Suarez and Mrs. Patricia Barrantes, with their collaboration we successfully completed the purchase of a [...]

Grecia: César Hernandez2022-08-25T22:02:46-06:00

Escazú: Karla Ramirez

Excellent service, they guided me throughout the process of selling my house and made me feel safe with the decisions made, since it [...]

Escazú: Karla Ramirez2022-08-25T22:38:57-06:00
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