The work that is done by real estate companies and their team of advisers goes far beyond just capturing properties. In NATIVU we focus our  strategy on the following key points to help you sell your property in the most effective way. The sale processes can extend even months, that is why our advisers are trained to give you the best advice during this time, helping you to maximize your profits and speed up the sale of your property in the market.

Support Strategy:

Resident Advisors:

NATIVU advisers live in the area they represent, allowing  better knowledge of it. They lead the processes from start to finish, helping you find the most qualified customer and streamlining the buying and selling process.

Constant Training:

Our team has constant training in strategic topics for sales, which allows them to give better advice to clients about photography, negotiation, tax issues, investment and others.

Marketing team:

We have our own marketing team that is creating and executing strategies that support the process of selling your property every day, which translates into a higher success rate.

Seekers Team:

A team focused on giving visibility to the areas that own Nativu properties, generating marketing strategies that allow giving valuable content so that future buyers invest wisely.

Filters process:

Process that allows the buyers to be studied to validate that they are truly qualified people to buy or acquire the property, which translates into safety for the family and the correct use of their time.

Zone study:

NATIVU makes area studies to know the real data of cost per square meter and added values. This allows a real knowledge and advice on the way the area moves according to the market.

NATIVU is part of an international network with a presence in 70 countries, allowing your property to be seen outside of Costa Rica as well. Each area has strategic allies where there is a win-win for both parties, which allows you to expand the network and visibility of your property. We even implement digital marketing strategies that help to appear in the first positions of search engines on the internet, which generates greater traffic and visibility of your property.

If you are interested in having NATIVU help you with your sales process, do not hesitate to contact us!