Definitely, 2023 has become a year of many changes in the Guanacaste real estate market. The number of transactions has decreased compared to the previous two years, mainly due to international economic factors. Property prices have also started to decline, which means a great opportunity for buyers, especially in the second half of the year.
There are still big discounts to come, especially for those assets that doubled their value during the post-pandemic bubble.

Challenges and opportunities for investors in Guanacaste GC 2023

This is an excellent moment for those who have liquidity and can take advantage of the “bargains” that the market presents. On the other hand, sellers need to sharpen their pencils and understand that the returns we saw last year will be difficult to obtain.
These are some recommendations for sellers as we approach the mid-2023:

Be financially creative:

Now is the time for both individual sellers and developers to present financing opportunities. Those who can offer attractive interest rates, longer terms, and, in general, be more open to buyers’ needs will be able to place their product more quickly.

Use real estate companies with a defined digital strategy:

With a contraction in the economy, liquidity also decreases. Ask your real estate agent about the digital strategy they use and how it can help you place your property. If this is not clear, do not waste time with that agency and look for another option.

Don’t be greedy:

Prices will continue to decline, so it is better to be aggressive in sales at this time. Do not wait for offers to come at the list price. Keeping static inventory can result in long-term losses, especially considering that demand has decreased compared to previous years.

Live happy and invest wisely with Nativu Guanacaste!