Living in a condominium is very attractive in terms of lifestyle, security, space, comforts and amenities, among many other factors. Within the real estate purchase, it is definitely an option worth evaluating. The following tips or key points to consider are good indicators to determine if condo living is the best option for you. 1. Familiarize yourself with law 79.33, this law regulates the rules of coexistence in condominiums, your duties and rights and the role of the administrative entities

2. Request the regulations of the condominiums in which you consider living, to analyze the compatibility of your lifestyle and the regulations that they dictate

3. Consider that the maintenance fees may vary, they are not fixed. These cover expenses that will be different between condos and sometimes an extraordinary fee may be required.

Hacienda Espinal
American Style house in Hacienda Espinal

Study the lifestyle, legal and financial framework of possible condominiums of your interest and seek professional advice on the subject. If you are interested in investigating more on the subject of living in condominium, the adviser Nativu from Cartago, Ciany Devoto has shared in her series “Living in Condominium“, perspectives and data that may be useful to you.