Ciany Devoto is a real estate consultant focused on the Cartago area. Her training and experience in market research, marketing, and condominium management and development provide valuable technical knowledge in customer relations. See more:

Why invest in Turrialba?

The Turrialba city, located in Cartago, in addition to offering a very quiet lifestyle, is a quite complete and competitive area. Its location, [...]

Why invest in Turrialba?2020-06-13T11:40:07-06:00

Can pets live in a Condo?

Many families would be incomplete without their pets, which is why today guaranteeing them a good quality of life is vital [...]

Can pets live in a Condo?2022-01-04T13:33:46-06:00

Living in condominium part 3

Looking for the right place to buy or rent, depend on some elements to take into consideration. Living in a condominium, brings a [...]

Living in condominium part 32020-02-06T12:24:55-06:00
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