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How to make a good negotiation offer on a house

Sometimes you have to negotiate and it can be difficult to understand how, when or what to make the negotiation offer. Here we explain some tips that can help you make your negotiation so attractive that is almost impossible for the seller to reject.

How to make a good negotiation offer on a house2020-11-06T12:48:28-06:00

Can pets live in a Condo?

Many families would be incomplete without their pets, which is why today guaranteeing them a good quality of life is vital for a [...]

Can pets live in a Condo?2020-05-12T11:39:20-06:00

Advice for Lot Buyers

Based on the experience of our Nativu Guanacaste consultant, Fabricio Riggioni, we share the following recommendations to buy a lot or a farm [...]

Advice for Lot Buyers2020-05-12T11:39:20-06:00
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