Nativu Guanacaste consultant, Fabricio Riggioni clarifies the following recommendations to sell a lot specifically in Guanacaste, during the current situation that the country is experiencing.

Firstly, it is vital that you analyze your financial situation, identify what your monthly duties are and what are the assets that you currently have, this way you will have a broader picture of your personal situation and will be able to analyze the pricing strategy you should take, in order to sell the property.

This point responds to the questions of how much that liquidity is needed and how much one is willing to lower the sale price, in order to close the deal with a buyer.

Finally, once the state of your finances and the price range that you are willing to negotiate are in order, it is necessary to consider how to market the property and position yourself in the market, either traditionally or by digital means. Publicize the characteristics of the lot to attract potential buyers.

Although these are difficult times, the real estate market has the tools to adapt, with the help of technology it is possible to continue the dynamics of selling a lot successfully.