The renting process can be a little overwhelming, it is important to take into consideration every aspect to avoid the most common mistakes that can affect it.

Advise for renters

Pay attention to detail, you must be cautious when it comes to checking the properties condition according to the contract. Check every door, handle, window, ventilation, moisture, electricity and even water pressure.

Spoken agreements are not legally valid, so a written contract is your best ally when it comes to renting a property. Make sure the price and payment method is well stipulated as well as the terms according to renovations.

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Advise for sellers

One of the most common mistakes is to rent a property without looking through the tenants background. Is important to ask for information that validates the economic capacity of the person. The work certificate, payment receipts and monthly income evidence, is some of the info you should ask for.

This goes hand by hand with anticipated payment, be very careful with this type of agreements. Even though the tenant pays some months in advanced, he might not have the economic capacity to cover future payments.

An indispensable tool for every landlord is the  inventory. This allows you to keep a register the properties and peoples information. Also official dates and the condition of the property.

All of the above must be include in the contract. It is your best ally to specified clearly every right and duty of both parts. Pay a lot of attention to it and make sure every detail is clear in order to avoid future problems.

Now it is more common to rent than buy a property, so this is an important audience to pay attention to.

It is common to think that renting through a real estate agency is not as beneficial for the owner, but the contact portfolio and experience might help you a lot.

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