For countries like Costa Rica where tourism is very strong, it is important to be aware of how to deal with foreign buyers. It is very common that some foreigners acquire a vacation home in our country and this could be a great opportunity.

According to a study from the company InterNations, Costa Rica take the second place of preference between people to find a place to live far from their nation of origin. Most of the expatriate population is retired (32%).

Also, the adaption of a person to a new environment depends on how well it is received. The way they are treated and how homey locals are, makes the process way easier, aspects that positions Costa Ricans as excellent hosts.

Know the foreign buyers profile

Why is it important to know all the previous info? In contrast with other countries where foreign buyers look for new job and investment opportunities, in Costa Rica they look for a calm and warm vacation place. You can use this as an advantage when it comes to selling your property.

This information will give and idea of the main  characteristics of the buyer, as mentioned previously. For example, British people and North Americans are more interested in beach front properties. On the other hand, Asians and Russians tend to look for properties in the city business wise.

Accessibility of the property

It does not matter if the property is for vacationing or to live, it is possible that the buyer will be traveling constantly to its country of origin or family and friends will come to visit.

Due to this it is very important that the location of the property is strategic and has easy access. If it counts with good communication with main roads and airports, do not hesitate on highlight it.

Adapt the paperwork

Even though this might seem logic, offering easiness and comfort to the buyer is really important. It is indispensable that all the paperwork is translated right to the clients language, if you do not know it very well it is recommended to hire a translator.

Good translation as well as writing and spelling gives you trust and seriousness. This is a great advantage when it comes to long distance negotiations. Do not forget to include information from the place such as profitability and current legislation.


More than selling a house, is trying to sell a lifestyle. You should highlight every external aspect that are might be atractiva to the buyer. This could be from the weather and gastronomy, to the advantage of short distances between touristic places of the country.

Use the pura vida in your favor, as mentioned previously the most attractive characteristic of the country are not the investment or business opportunities, but the warmth of its people and their lifestyle.


Selling a house depends on many factors and the most important one is to develop the correct strategy for your target client. Always seek advice in depth, to open a more accurate dialogue with your potential buyers.