The city of mist

Cartago is the perfect place to combine the benefits of the city and nature. Just 45 minutes from San José, this misty city offers all the comforts to live surrounded by forests, mountains, waterfalls and much more. Our Nativu Cartago team constantly shares with us some places to visit in a weekend retreat to the mountains or even restaurants and cafes for co-working during the week.

Cartago is characterized by a temperate climate and by its location, it has influence from both the Pacific and the Caribbean. The climate of this region is typical of a plateau, that is, it enjoys cool temperatures almost all year round.

About Cartago…

The province of Cartago was founded in 1563 and since then it has undergone many changes that have given it the name of “ancient metropolis”. It is a city known for mountain and historical tourism. In the city center there are some architectural attractions such as the Basilica of the Angels and the Ruins. However, this province of more than 152 km2 extends through 8 cantons full of natural beauty and attractive tourist spots.

Our advisors shared with us these examples of what this city offers. From a delicious coffee of high quality national production to a clear morning in Turrialba to see the dawn. Costa Rican culture is lived here on a daily basis, full of friendly people, traditional food and magical views.

Learn more about Cartago and some properties to invest in this area. Our consultants are ready to help you find the home of your dreams combining the best of the city and the biodiversity of Costa Rica.