The Curridabat area had a long way to go to consolidate its position as a canton in San José. According to history, after the arrival of the news of independence, “Curridabá” was declared as a town in the district of the Eastern Department of San José on November 4, 1825. By 1862, Curridabat was made a district of the canton of Desamparados. Although for the year 1871 the inhabitants of the area requested to be separated from it and to be named a canton by themselves, and on March 31 of that same year they were granted this title.

Curridabat is located in the north of the province of San José, on the intervolcanic plateau of the Central Valley. It belongs to the Greater Metropolitan Area. The canton has a total of 77,028 inhabitants, making it the seventh most populated canton in the province. It limits to the north with the canton of Montes de Oca, to the west with the canton of San José, to the southwest the canton of Desamparados, and to the south and east with the canton of La Unión.

Positioning itself as the third smallest canton in the province of San José, Curridabat has a territorial extension of 15.95 km².

Its head is the district of Curridabat, and it has four districts: Curridabat, Granadilla, Sánchez and Tirrases.

Curridabat is characterized by its high degree of urban, economic and educational development. It has a road network in excellent condition, it has the beginning of the Florencio del Castillo highway and the Zapote radial highway. The canton serves as the headquarters for different organizations such as the National Registry of Costa Rica, the Federated College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA), the Autonomous University of Central America (UACA), among others.

Another important fact to highlight is that the canton has a Human Development Index of 0.915, classified as very high.

Thanks to the experience of working and living in the area, the NATIVU Curridabat team made an analysis of each area of this province, to recommend the one that best suits you, the client, according to your interests and needs:


If what you are looking for is proximity to the capital, good weather, security, a high concentration and proximity to a variety of private and public educational institutions, convenience stores and many entertainment options: then Curridabat is the area for you, since It has the residential areas of: Los Yoses, Escalante, Freses, Sanchez, Guayabos, Granadilla, Pinares and Lomas de Ayarco.

In these areas you will be able to find houses of varied budgets with excellent architecture within secure urbanizations, residentials and condominiums. Also, if that’s what you are looking for, there is also a high variety of apartments and apartment towers with many amenities that you can decide to live in.


If your interest is in the area of doing business, then you may also be interested in the commercial areas of Curridabat which are well known, and also have a lot of car traffic and visibility. This is why they generally have a good number of visitors. These are the areas of: Guayabos, Pinares, Carretera Viajes Tres Ríos, Escalante (Barrio Escalante), and Los Yoses.

Cost of living in Curridabat

Below, we show you a table of monthly costs for a family residing in Curridabat of four people that the NATIVU Curridabat team developed according to their experience and knowledge in the area:

Expenses U.S. $
Electricity $75
Water $25
Telephony and Internet $65
Rent From $800 to $5,000
Buying a House From $200,000
Private primary and secondary education monthly payments From $700
Restaurants $80


Advantages of living in Curridabat


Variety of entertainment

  • Many options for entertainment, from shopping centers such as Ciudad del Este, Momentum PinaresMultiplaza de Curridabat, Plaza Freses, or entertainment centers like the Indoor Club.
  • It also has great gastronomic variety since there are many national enterprises that have unique locations in the area such as Pescatore, Portón Rojo, Muelle 21, as there are also headquarters of national chains such as Matsuri, Starbucks, and more. Not to mention the well-known Barrio Escalante area, where there is a culmination of gastronomic variety and high quality food in the country.

The Curridabat weather

  • The Curridabat area generally has a good climate all year long, since it is a cool climate. That is, it is sunny but without high heat temperatures, and with winds that keep the climate cool.
  • According to Weather Spark, the average maximum annual temperature is 27ºC and the average minimum is 17ºC.


  • 15-20 minutes from San José
  • 5 minutes from San Pedro, headquarters of the UCR and many other private universities.
  • It is also close to Cartago, a province full of nature and options for entertainment.


  • MTB
  • Road cycling
  • Run / walk
  • Parks with exercise machines
  • Variety of Gyms
  • Centers for: swimming, yoga, pilates, martial arts, dance, and much more.


  • Parque del Este
  • Cerros de Tres Ríos
  • Rio Loro environmental park
  • Cerro de la Carpintera

What you can expect from living in Curridabat is far from being able to be summarized everything on this page, the excellent experience of living in this place can only be explained in the best way by one of our advisors. Do not hesitate to contact a NATIVU Curridabat advisor if you are interested in buying in this area of the country.