Within the real estate world there are different types of properties sales that can be done: residential, recreational, and there are also those that are not only a property but also a business. Within this category there are from productive farms, to apartment complexes for rent, to hotels / hostels and recreation centers. The hotel market is a very active one, and they are usually investments on a very large scale. If this type of investment does not attract your attention due to the time it consumes and the size of the production, then you may be interested in these boutique hotels in Guanacaste.

What is a boutique hotel?

The termboutique hotel” originates from the 80s in Europe, and refers to those hotels with intimate, unconventional and exclusive environments, generally with a denotation of luxury. They are small hotels with few rooms, with their own eclectic identity. In Europe it is customary for them to be located in old buildings such as castles, mansions, or historic centers. One of the great differences with the large hotel chains is that their services and attention are personalized, with great privacy and they have extraordinary facilities that are generally set in a specific style or theme.

Benefits of buying a boutique hotel in Guanacaste

  • Simple operation a boutique hotel by definition is an establishment with less volume of people but more quality of service, therefore it has a maximum of 12 rooms. Being a smaller business (compared to large hotel chains) a boutique hotel requires fewer employees and this reduces the costs of running the business and also takes less time, making it easier to manage than a traditional hotel.
  • Low fixed costs – a boutique hotel for having more exclusive guests does not require as many employees to attend a high flow of these. So typically these businesses have 3-4 employees, who help with multiple tasks and keep things running smoothly. For example: the gardener is also in charge of taking care of the pool and maintaining the facilities, while the receptionist also manages the hotel social media.
  • There is no need to entertain – many hotels have a “show” service after dinner, or activities around the pool area for children and adults, and other types of activities organized by the hotel. A boutique hotel does not require that you invest in the entertainment of the guests but in the quality of their stay, this type of client seeks exclusivity and pay for it. The most you would have to do is have information such as pamphlets or flyers of tours that are offered in the area, and normally these companies pay a commission for referring clients which would give you an additional income.

Boutique hotels in Guanacaste

  • Lot size: 800m²

  • Build size: 370m²

  • 4 Bedrooms & 4 Bathrooms

  • Located in: Playa Grande, Guanacaste

  • Offered at: $ 1,100,000

  • Lot size: 825m²

  • Build size: 600m²

  • 8 Bedrooms & 9 Bathrooms

  • Located in: Playa Grande, Guanacaste

  • Offered at: $ 850,000

  • Lot size: 5,000m²

  • Build size: 500m²

  • 12 Bedrooms & 8 Bathrooms

  • Located in: Playa Grande, Guanacaste

  • Offered at: $ 790,000

  • Lot size: 968m²

  • Build size: 615m²

  • 9 Bedrooms & 9 Bathrooms

  • Located in: Santa Teresa, Guanacaste

  • Offered at: $ 1,400,000

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Boutique hotels are an investment option that does not consume as much time as a conventional hotel, they allow you to have a more exclusive client list, have low and simple operation and they do not require you to entertain your guests with “shows after the dinner “or activities around the pool as seen in all-inclusive hotels. This investment option is a low maintenance fixed income, which for many is the perfect option!