Our team from the Nativu East office went for a tour to Buenagente, an inclusive cafeteria where neuro-diverse people work, with different conditions such as Down syndrome, autism and deaf people.

The Buenagente brand

With its motto “we believe in the transformative power of doing everything with love”, this cafeteria offers varied gastronomic options that allow you to explore the talent and dedication of its workers.

The impact of its brand seeks to open spaces of inclusion in which differences are seen as a way to enrich our culture.

 Diversity and inclusion have many nuances and it is precisely these differences that make us an abundant intercultural community with space for all.

The strength of  our society is born from the  individuality of each person and their contribution to the world. The different ways of seeing life and appreciating the work of others allows us to grow in close-knit and respectful communities.

That’s why the cafeteria marks a shift in the way neuro-diverse people are viewed and how we understand their reality

Quality commercial establishments, oriented to culture and with a social sense, add value to the communities and therefore to the properties and real estate in the area in which they are positioned.

Vera Sánchez , Nativu Este Advisor

Support for community development!

Buenagente offers cafeteria space  25m south of Torre Latitud Los Yoses. With a varied menu  from breakfast and brunch options with sandwiches and smoothies to lunches with main courses and children’s menu.

In addition to the cafeteria, Buenagente supports brands  and small businesses that foster diversity and inclusion of neuro-diverse people. This promotes the growth of  communities and  support for national brands of great talent and quality.

The Studio is a creative laboratory of the same brand, which promotes creativity and educational and leisure spaces for neuro-diverse people. It’s vision seeks to interpret and interact with the world in a unique way, just as this community does.

In addition, Diversock is a company powered by Dani Monge, a young man with Down syndrome who offers unique styled socks while fulfilling the mission of educating about this condition.

To support these brands is to support social development!

Every human being is different and celebrating this diversity allows us to create spaces that enrich our culture and our society. Learning to celebrate ourselves allows us to live in a fairer world.

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