Guanacaste is well known for its beautiful beaches, breathtaking views and energy. But now it also stands out for its gastronomic offer! In this #PeopleOfGuana article, we’ll tell you Bryan Nuñez and Fernanda Ulloa’s story, they are the owners of Cafeseato Coffee Shop at Huacas. A business filled with dreams and driven by self-improvement.

Collaboration is the key to success

Bryan and Fernanda opened Cafeseato on a small scale in 2019. This was the first step towards the goal of these two friends and associates who dreamed of having their own coffee shop where they could offer a family friendly space with high quality products.

By the end of 2020, they worked on finding larger commodities and joined forces between the two, mixing Fernanda’s pastry skills from her business Dulce Capricho, together with Bryan’s visionary coffee brand: Café Huella.

That’s how they discovered that together they could meet their community’s need for a space to relax and hang out, with tasty food and locally produced coffee.

The key to their growth and success has been teamwork and they are a living example of the hardworking spirit of the people of Guana. Not only are the ingredients handmade, but Cafeseato’s team is 100% local people, characterized by being an active part of the community and local development.

Huacas, an immersive community

Undoubtedly, one of the factors that prompted them to open their business in Huacas was the welcoming way of being of the locals. They also guarantee that the lifestyle is much healthier, relaxing and calm. Being close to the sea releases a lot of stress and allows you to enjoy incredible sunsets on the beach.

On the other hand, the entire Cafeseato team is committed to the Guanacaste community. In addition to being a source of employment for many, they have participated in various beach cleanups. They have also collaborated with the non-profit Halfway Home Foundation to give stray cats and dogs a second chance.

Both Fernanda and Bryan strongly believe in the value of giving back to the community that has seen them grow. And they consider that the environment they have built is their greatest contribution to the people of Guana.

“Huacas is a wonderful area. Most of our clients are the same people who live here, Costa Ricans and foreigners. They welcomed us and we maintain a very close relationship. So much so that several families are regular clients every year for birthday cakes.”

Fernanda Ulloa, Co-Owner Cafeseato

Sustainable coffee trademark

On the other hand, the Café Huella brand is a specialty coffee, all its preparation from the bean to the bag is made in Costa Rica.

This gourmet coffee is produced in the mountains of Santa Maria de Dota in Tarrazú and was created with the goal of promoting Costa Rican culture and leaving a positive and carbon neutral footprint in each crop. For this, they use eco friendly methods, such as roasting in the sun; in addition, all the raw material is used. As for example, the brush that would usually be discarded and would become one more pollutant, is treated to make a natural fertilizer.

Costa Rican coffee is privileged by the climate. The altitude, together with climatic factors, affect the size and hardness of the seed, so by supporting national producers, in addition to guaranteeing the product’s quality, it promotes the development of local communities.

It is clear that the quality of its products, the family atmosphere and treatment with its clients, make Bryan and Fernanda stand out as exemplary people from Guana.

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