Turrialba is one of the largest cantons in Costa Rica and stands out as a charming tourist destination. This beautiful city of Cartago offers excellent options for those who love nature, bird watching, adventure, and our pre-Columbian culture. In this article, we tell you more about the wonders that can be found in Turrialba and its history.

Why invest in Turrialba?

About Turrialba

This canton was a consequence of the construction of the railroad to the Caribbean at the end of the 19th century. Nonetheless, the most interesting historical fact is that its name has an indigenous origin, meaning Turiri (fire) and Aba (river). Initially, it was named Turiraba, which changed with the arrival of the Spanish colonizers, that later on baptized it as Turrialba.

During pre-Columbian times it was inhabited by indigenous people of the so-called Huetar Kingdom of the East. The current Guayabo National Monument is evidence of these settlements and was declared as International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 2009.

Besides its history, Turrialba offers various tourist options to enjoy nature and the history of our country. Some of them are:

“In Turrialba, I have found a home, an oasis of nature, peace, and adventure. I am happy to live with its people and the great charisma that characterizes them”.

Benjamín Chaves, Nativu Cartago Advisor

What to do in Turrialba?

Turrialba Rafting
  • Rafting and Adventure: Turrialba is well-known for being the cradle of rafting and adventure. The most visited river is the Pacuare River, known worldwide for its class 3 and 4 rapids. On this river, you can also do activities such as kayaking and tubing, that you can also do on the Pejibaye River. On the other hand, in different areas of the canton, surrounded by nature, you can enjoy other activities such as canopy, rappel, quad tours, and horseback riding, among others. There are a variety of tour guides that offer the opportunity to live these experiences in the best way.

  • Sports: Thanks to the landscape of the area and its environment, the mountains of Turrialba are perfect for practicing different sports such as mountain bike, road cycling, athletics, and triathlon. You can practice these sports in the surrounding area through different routes and trails. It is also ideal for more chill activities such as hiking or walking. It is a great experience, which can be enjoyed in the middle of nature and around the Turrialba volcano.

  • Bird watching: Another activity that you can enjoy in Turrialba is bird watching. The canton has a very extensive avifauna; there are more than 500 bird species according to the List of Registered Birds in Turrialba, which represent 61% of all birds registered in the country.

    So if you are interested in bird watching, Turrialba is a must-see destination! In addition, bird watching in the area is a completely different experience from others in the country because of its diversity of species according to the altitudes, being the Turrialba Volcano National Park the highest.

  • Art and Culture: The Guayabo National Monument, located on the slopes of the Turrialba Volcano, is a great destination to learn more about our pre-Columbian history. In addition, Turrialba has a rich cultural heritage: Its gastronomy, mainly based on cheese, the different festivities that take place here, like the Cheese Fair or the National Pejibaye Fair. The handicrafts, the art and the coffee culture is the essence of the lifestyle of this interesting canton.

You can also visit the areas just to breathe fresh air and relax; explore the waterfalls and rivers, rural landscapes and forests, having a good time, sustainably, while contributing to the conservation of the country’s biodiversity.

Turrialba has a wide range of destinations and tourist attractions. For nature, sports, or adventure lovers, as well as economic development opportunities and growing real estate projects. If you are interested in properties in Turrialba, do not hesitate to consult our specialized advisors.

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