Our team was once again able to enjoy an excellent NATIVU Building Day in the mountains of Escazú. Where the team of Brujo Tours took us on an adventure of team building games, a walk with beautiful views, and an activity to learn a little about the area and a typical Costa Rican tradition: the masquerades.

A special thanks to “Los Brujos” and the team behind them for their positive energy, the delicious food and the well planned activity they gave us!

The Hike…

Upon arriving at the Church of San Antonio de Escazú at 7am, we mobilized as a group to where our Buiding Day was going to begin. We walked to where the Cerros de Escazú Protective Zone begins and there we did activities to break the ice and learn about teamwork and group dynamics. Then we started a walk that took us to a spectacular view of the Central Valley! For a snack, the Brujo Tours guides gave us food all made up of ingredients from local producers, a value that goes hand in hand with our NATIVU pillars.

Other Activities…

The Origin of the Costa Rican Masquerades

At the end of the walk we arrive at La Casa de Máscaras Gerardo Montoya & Familia. Where Don Gerardo received us very happy and told us everything about how his grandfather was the one who started the widely known Costa Rican tradition of masquerades in that area. Don Gerardo Montoya is the grandson of Pedro Arias, who as we mentioned earlier, was in charge of starting this trade of making traditional masks at the beginning of the 20th century in the San Antonio de Escazú area and its surroundings.

Don Pedro Arias used mud from the river that passes near the house that is part of the Cerros de Escazú, Don Gerardo despite having learned the technique applied by his grandfather decided to use one of his own: applying paper and glue. Each mask has a story, which is usually linked to characters from the town where he lives or from when he was a child. Additionally, we were given the opportunity to make our own clay masks, we drank chicha made by Don Gerardo, we danced with the masks made by him, and we ate enyucados with cheese made by the El Mascarero family.

It was a fascinating and enriching cultural experience!

On this NATIVU Building Day 2021 we had the opportunity to remember many of our pillars within the manifesto thanks to the fact that the Brujo Tours guides work very closely with them. Not only were we able to enjoy the beautiful nature that this community has, but we were able to learn about its history and heritage value through its traditions and support them by consuming products from local entrepreneurs only. And while applying the NATIVU values, the team was able to enjoy a day with lots of laughter, joy and gratitude for the family that we created within our work environment.

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