Mixed-use properties in  Costa Rica are a combination of different types of uses in the same property, such as commercial, residential and offices. This allows a property to be used for various purposes, increasing its value and versatility.

One of the main advantages of investing in mixed-use properties is that they can generate income from its commercial and residential use. This means that in case one of the areas is not generating enough income, the property can still be profitable thanks to the other areas.

Strategic location in mixed-use properties

Mixed-use properties are usually located in strategic areas, where the demand for services and housing is high, making them an attractive and profitable investment. By having a combination of uses, they are more attractive to tenants and potential buyers, as it gives them the possibility of having multiple services and amenities in one place.

This means that they tend to be located in urban areas, near shopping malls, hospitals, schools, universities, and other essential services.

In addition, in Costa Rica, mixed-use properties can also be located in tourist areas or with high commercial activity. The demand for services and accommodation in these zones are important, which can result in higher returns for investors.

Characteristics of mixed-use properties in Costa Rica

It is important to note that mixed-use properties are subject to specific regulations and permits, as they have different types of use on the same property. These permits and regulations vary by location and type of property, but some common features and permits include:

  • Required permits: Mixed-use properties must have a municipal building and land use permit authorizing the construction and mixed-use property.
  • Specific authorizations: Depending on the type of mixed use you want to give to the property, additional authorizations may be necessary, such as health permits, fire permits, safety permits, among others.
  • Zoning: These types of properties must comply with the zones established in the corresponding regulatory plan.
  • Environmental regulations: Mixed-use properties must also comply with applicable environmental regulations, such as waste management, water permits, and wildlife protection.

Extraordinary and spacious house for sale in Los Yoses, with mixed use land, suitable for an embassy, offices or a vertical mixed-use development. Close to the new government city and the restaurant center of Barrio Escalante. Located in a central area with easy access to the main roads of the country, shopping centers, schools and colleges, corporate centers.

Ideal as a development project because it belongs to the Municipality of San José so you can make tall buildings, apartments, offices and commercial area without problems.

It has 756 m2 of construction, 5 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms.

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