Apartments are an excellent investment, as long as the space suits our needs. Depending on the people who live in it, an apartment can be the perfect combination of comfort and privacy.

In many cases, a good balcony can be decisive when investing. Because it opens up the space, let the natural light in, and provides incredible views!

“Balconies connect the interior with the exterior providing a feeling of spaciousness in any room, giving lighting and fresh air to the apartment. This are perfect places for relaxation.”

Paola Mazzara, Nativu Escazú Avisor

Benefits of investing in apartments with a balcony

  • Comfort: These spaces are suitable relaxation areas! just add a reading spot and lounge chairs to combine the view with the comfort of being on your own home.

  • Views and natural light: Apartments with balconies are perfect places to appreciate the city scenery, the mountains, and the incredible sunsets that Costa Rica offers. They also let in light and air throughout the day, keeping the space fresh and lightened.

  • Space for pets: These are perfect options for the family’s little ones to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house.

  • Indoor Gardens: In the city is often hard to connect with nature. However, these outdoor spaces can be the perfect project to fill the apartment with color and life. Investing in aromatic plants & cozy planters can be the best option to bring all the benefits of the garden to your property. Being surrounded by nature has many benefits to your health!

  • Family and play space: Balconies can also be a space where the family can share happy moments. A grill and patio chairs are the best match to have unforgettable evenings with our favorite people!

This apartment is located in one of the areas with the highest growth and highest value in the West; in addition to having a central location near important hotels, office centers, restaurants and shopping centers.

The property has a modern style with excellent finishes. The apartment has porcelain tile floors in corridors, social areas, kitchen and balconies; and laminate flooring in bedrooms all neutral colors.

It is an excellent investment option that integrates the city into the design of the apartment.

This beautiful apartment is located in a condominium in Santa Ana, in Alto de Las Palomas. It has three balconies, from which you have views towards the west, from there you can appreciate the beautiful sunsets in the first line.

The apartment follows a contemporary and open design that benefits very well from natural light. It stands out for its high ceilings and cross ventilation, thanks to its location on the top floor. It is a comfortable and refreshing space.

The main living room includes the living-dining room next to the kitchen, highlighting the open design. It has an extra room for a TV, two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a guest bathroom. And since it is on the top floor, it has a terrace with beautiful views.

In an exclusive boutique building in Rohrmoser, you will find this apartment. It is a perfect space to maintain plants and appreciate the views as it is next to a park.

The apartment has personalized and modern touches with an elegant and contemporary design. Additionally, thanks to the glass doors and windows of the balcony, the space is perfectly incorporated, expanding it and giving excellent natural light to the interior.

It has a main hall where the kitchen, dining room, and living room are. It has two bedrooms, each with its bathroom and a half bathroom for visitors. And in the building, you can enjoy the swimming pool, deck area, barbecue, gym and more!

This beautiful apartment has a balcony and large windows that allow you to appreciate the mountains of Escazú and the urban environment.

It has an open concept design and follows a contemporary style. The living-dining room is connected to the kitchen, providing an ample space that benefits from the natural light that enters through the balcony windows.

Both bedrooms have large windows. On the other hand, Escazú Village has different amenities, such as the pool area, visible from the apartment’s balcony.

There is also an area to exercise, a media room for video games and movies, a children’s area with a playground, and much more!

Located on the 10th floor with beautiful views in the Condado del Parque condominium, we are greeted by the integrated kitchen, living room and dining room. In the background, a balcony that we entered through sliding doors, a very cozy space to read or simply enjoy the wonderful views and its sunsets.

It is a corner-apartment so it has better ventilation and lighting as it has one more window than the other apartments, as well as greater privacy as there are no neighbors on one side. Some of the amenities are: swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, children’s playground, clubhouse with BBQ, pet park and racquetball court.

Usually, balconies are versatile elements that add value to the apartments. If you are interested in learning more about apartments or properties in the area of Escazu and its surroundings, feel free to visit our Nativu property portfolio.

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