Santa Teresa is a beach with beautiful natural landscapes highly valued in Costa Rica. Located north of the Puntarenas province, at the western end of the Nicoya Peninsula, there’s this destination with white sand and impressive waters.

Santa Teresa of Cóbano and its natural beauty

Santa Tere stands out for its beautiful natural scenery, perfect waves for surfing, and white sand. You can enjoy some activities  such as hiking and even yoga, very characteristic of this beach lifestyle.

Santa Teresa is recognized worldwide as one of the best surfing beaches in the country.

The beach is about 3.5 kilometers long, with flat and rocky spots, surrounded by vegetation and fauna. You can also rent a bicycle  to tour the surroundings of the town and explore nearby beaches such as Malpais, Montezuma, and some of the famous waterfalls in the area.

Animals and Nature in Santa Teresa

Costa Rica stands out for its diversity, natural landscapes and wildlife. The Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve is located very close to Santa Teresa, so it makes it possible to enjoy a day full of wildlife and different activities.

One of the most common animals in this area are the Capuchin monkeys. These curious monkeys, characterized by the fur that gives them their name, are considered the most intelligent New World monkeys.  They are highly intriguing animals. They use sticks and stones like tools to dig holes in trees, open fruits and have even appeared to use medicinal plants.

In Santa Teresa, these intelligent primates can be spotted when visiting the area. They are also used to people so you can take good pictures and videos from your own house! It is always essential when visiting or living in Santa Teresa or any other tourist area of the country to take care of the fauna. To be able to continue enjoying the company of this the natural advantages that Costa Rica and Santa Teresa offer.

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