The district of San Isidro de Coronado is a very quiet and picturesque city, which stands out in addition to the architectural theme thanks to the iconic Church of San Isidro Labrador. Because it is so emblematic and an important part of the community, we tell you a little about its history and its enigmatic design

Beginnings of Neo-Gothic Architecture

First of all, this type of architecture was born towards the end of the 18th century in the United Kingdom and spread mainly to Germany and France. It is the expression of the romantic movement in this particular discipline. Initially it was applied in British country houses, characterized by being highly decorative and nostalgic for the Gothic style of medieval times. With the use of dotted arches, flying buttresses, stained glass and rose windows, it is impossible to mistake it for something else

Some examples of Neo-Gothic in Europe:

Westminster Palace
Restoration of Notre Dame
The Parliament of Budapest
Restoration of the Cologne Cathedral

Now, you can distinguish it from the Gothic movement by the following factors: the year of construction, since Gothic architecture dates back to the 5th to 15th centuries and it also differs because the Neo-Gothic takes advantage of new materials, such as metal columns and brick or concrete walls . The Gothic design only used stone.

The Neo Gothic in Costa Rica

The maximum expression of this artistic style lives in Costa Rica through the imposing Coronado Church. Due to its favorable location in the plain and its beautiful landscape towards San José´s Valley, since before the construction of the temple that we know today, there was already a small chapel dating from 1864.

The construction of the new temple was in charge of the architect, painter and national engineer Teodorico Quirós Alvarado.

Design began in 1929, with the guidance of German engineers from the Krupp house, to budget the metal frame that would provide the structure for the building. And between 1930 and 1935 the construction was completed.

In the part of the facade there are a considerable number of pinnacles. As well as six niches in which are the images of Saint Peter and Saint Paul and the four evangelists. In the portals there are six sets of Angels in each of the doors, as well as a chain of archangels at the top of each of their entrance arches. At the top of its south and north doors there is a high relief of Christ on Calvary and the birth of the Messiah, this laborious work was carried out by the craftsman Rigoberto Solano González.

Municipalidad de Coronado

It is truly a work of art, reminiscent of the medieval times of the Old Continent, with a lot of elegance and decoration. The Church of Coronado is the translation of the neo-Gothic movement and the inspiration of French stained glass windows, in the Costa Rican style.

In addition to the beauty of this temple, Vázquez de Coronado is a very attractive destination for those who enjoy a quiet town, where they can visit delicious typical sodas, practice ecotourism due to its proximity to cattle farms and the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

Take a tour of Coronado and admire with your own eyes the neo-Gothic architecture of the Church of San Isidro Labrador!