Turrialba Ciudad Deportiva is a project promoted by Roger Madrigal, a resident of this community who believes in the potential of sport as a social bridge of growth and improvement. This initiative was created thanks to the need to attract investment to Turrialba, an area surrounded by natural beauty, local producers and sports talent.

Roger grew up in Turrialba and is a lover of nature, outdoor activities and sports. In the 90s, he met kayaking, in Turrialba, headquarters of rafting in Costa Rica and began to practice it professionally and even managed to qualify and participate in the Olympic Games.

Sport is a tool;  Not only for the health benefits, but it is an engine of growth, which can help fulfill dreams and improve the living conditions of many people.

Sports can changes the landscape of those who practice it and gives opportunities to those who often found closed doors. For me, being able to train kayak in Turrialba and develop in that sport, helped me grow not only as a professional but as a person.

Roger Madrigal, Turrialba Ciudad Deportiva

Turrialba Ciudad Deportiva

Turrialba Ciudad Deportiva has been growing since 2020. This initiative seeks in some way, to open doors to investors and create professional and development opportunities for children, youth and adults in the community of Turrialba.

This project invites promoters of sporting events to  come to Turrialba to organize their competitions, facilitating administrative processes and taking advantage of the natural characteristics of the area.

Among the activities that have already take place in Turrialba are:

  • Triathlon
  • Mountain Bike
  • Adventure competitions
  • Road cycling

The main objective is to expose local talent, promote environmental protection and take advantage of the natural characteristics of the area in a conscious way.

In Turrialba we don’t need infrastructure. We have an incredible volcano, waterfalls, rivers such as Reventazón and Pacuare, Guayabo National Park and many more natural beauties that are perfect for sports and recreational activities. We really are a privileged community, which has a lot to offer and take advantage of.

Roger Madrigal, Turrialba Ciudad Deportiva

Turrialba Ciudad Deportiva, demonstrates that investing in the community is key to creating opportunities and social development. In Costa Rica, natural features allow you to exploit sports such as kayaking, rafting and mountain sports. Being an active part of the community starts with supporting the local tourism and of course, national talent.

At Nativu we believe in being an active part of the community, that’s why our advisors are residents of the properties they represent. If you are interested in buying or selling properties in Turrialba or any other part of Cartago, do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors.  

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