An informed buyer is a smart buyer. It is important that before investing in a property, you consider all the options available in the market. here we tell you what you should expect from an Open House, as a buyer and as a seller.

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An Open House is a marketing strategy used in a real estate. It is quite common and useful for both potential buyers and sellers. there are some important things you have to considerer if you plan to attend an Open House or do one.

Property information

Something that you should take into account when you have the opportunity to have the property you want to acquire an Open House is to ask as much as you can about the property.

Usually things are discussed about what makes the property “special”. Its amenities and qualities that make the price of the property make sense. Some of the specific questions that you can ask as a buyer are about the appliances, furniture, cabinets, lighting fixtures and other amenities that come with the house. It is important to know how old the roof is, the latest renovations or certain thing (that most houses have) that need some kind of fix.

The accessories that are included in the sale price are essential. Something good about this modality is that you can get rid of all the doubts you have about the property without having to start some type of buying process.

About the community

another important aspect to take into account is the location of the property. It is important that when you arrive at the Open House, you consider the community you are in.

there are many possibilities to consider. Among them, the proximity of supermarkets, schools, restaurants or health centers.

This aspect completely depends on your personal needs and those of your family. There are usually many interests involved than it comes to buying a property. That is why it is best to ask the owner of the property or the real estate agent who does the Open House.

Price and Amenities

Another benefit of this type of marketing is that you can ask direct questions about the price of the property. You can ask that the net price of the property includes. Some of the extra expenses can include; expenses of sale, lawyers, monthly payments of mortgages and others.

If you are sure you want the property you are looking at, it is best to evacuate all the doubts you may have about the property. From the smallest, to the largest.

You also have to consider if the amenities bellow are included in the price. Remember to ask about the property if you are really interested in. You can ask about the possibility of doing a property appraisal with a professional of your trust.

If the property that you see is not what you expected, there is always the option of asking the real estate advisor about other similar properties or that are closer to what you are looking for.

The most important thing is that you evacuate all your doubts about the property you are looking at. The Open House is the best opportunity you have as buyer to see the whole house. As the seller, the most important thing is that you answer all the questions that are asked and show the property is its best attributes. Remember that you must have the house in good condition an clean before doing the Open House. Marketing strategies have a purpose, use it!

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