1. Choose your space

The property

Is the star of the project

How to choose the lot?

Before start to build properties in Guanacaste it is essential to make sure that the selected land meets the necessary requirements. Search to determine if the location is suitable to carry out your project and if it has the appropriate conditions.

Before building a property in Costa Rica, these steps must be taken into account:

  • Make a registry study of the property. This ensures that there are no legal issues in the future. In addition, it is important to obtain a detailed cadastral plan that accurately shows the boundaries and features of the land.

  • Check that property taxes are up to date. Also, check the availability of water and electricity at your chosen location.

  • Request land use and carry out a study to assess the quality and stability of the land. This allows you to know if the construction plan can be developed on this specific lot.

  • Do the tree count and topographic survey to determine if grading or adaptations are required in the planned construction.

2. Plan the project

Build properties in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Get new ideas

and get creative!

Plan the construction!

It is necessary to define the project and prepare a detailed budget that includes the costs of materials, labor and other associated expenses. Once the design and other architectural factors have been established, the necessary permits must be obtained before any work can begin. Without these, the corresponding municipality can close the project.

It is also important to assess the risks and establish deadlines, considering possible obstacles and delays. As well as request estimated costs from suppliers and contractors.

Now you can proceed to carry out the necessary hiring  for the project!

3. Time to build!

Build properties in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The beginning

of the end!

The construction

  • Have inventory control: It is important to efficiently manage materials and supplies throughout the project.

  • Budget control: Monitor expenses and keep the project within established financial limits.

  • Quality control: ensures that the standards and specifications established in the previous stage are met.

  • Inspections: Costa Rica has qualified labor. Inspections will help you keep an eye on the process, making sure that everything goes according to schedule.

  • Make strategic decisions! Operational efficiency and the ability to adapt to unexpected changes will help you navigate the construction process calmly.

  • Communication is the key: Maintain fluid communication with all parties involved to avoid misunderstandings throughout each stage.

Build properties in Guanacaste as an investment in the Costa Rica real estate market is a smart decision. By adopting a responsible, sustainable and community-focused approach, developers can contribute to the harmonious growth of the region, while intelligently integrating into a market with growing demand.

Live happy and invest wisely with Nativu!