Grecia is a beautiful canton in the province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. There are many options for day trips, as this area stands out for its natural and rural beauty, with amazing and accessible destinations to enjoy a carefree day.

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Grecia and its destinations

In Grecia, it is possible to visit a great variety of destinations where you can do different activities while having a good time with your family or friends. This area is known for its natural beauties, trails, waterfalls, and forests.

There are also farms where you can book coffee tours, allowing you to learn about rural activities and live the whole experience. On the other hand, there are destinations focused on the architecture and history of the canton, surrounded by restaurants and places to taste the local gastronomy.

This are some options that  you cannot miss in Grecia, Costa Rica:

Day Trips Grecia

“Grecia is a beautiful city where you can come to enjoy its landscapes, the friendly people, good restaurants and walks through beautiful and varied attractions, very close to San Jose.”

Patricia Barrantes, Nativu Grecia Advisor

Day Trips in Grecia, Costa Rica

Bosque del Niño Forest Reserve

This beautiful forest is located in the San Isidro district, on the slopes of the Poás Volcano.  Surrounded by oaks, pines, and many other trees of great height, in this place full of nature, you can picnic, camp, practice sports, and walk through the trails to enter the forest while breathing clean and pure air.

This region has many viewpoints from where you can observe the Central Valley. It is the perfect tourist destination for outdoor recreational activities and it is accesible for all family members.

Temple ‘Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes’

The Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes church is a large and peculiar red church that stands out for its architecture and history.

I has a neo-Gothic architectural style, and it is entirely built from iron, designed to withstand earthquakes. The result is a beautiful and innovative temple that perfectly decorates the urban environment.

Together with the frontal park, creates a perfect balance between the city and the landscapes.

Los Chorros Waterfalls

This recreational park is located in the district of Tacares. It has great natural beauty and the presence of the Zamora and Prendas waterfalls.

These two waterfalls coming from the Prendas river and the Zamora creek have a height of 48 meters each. Los Chorros is accessible by car. Additionally, you can enjoy the natural pools and trails in the area where you can picnic.

It is an excellent plan, close and safe!

La Granja Rysol

This special place in Santa Gertrudis of Grecia, has a mission to educate and provide a unique experiences for the little ones in the family.

With a great variety of farm animals, people can interact, feed, and learn about them. The green areas where the animals stay are extensive and allow you to enjoy the rural environment.

Additionally, is has a restaurant where you can eat traditional dishes and have a great lunch after the activities.

Hacienda Los Trapiches

This tourist spot in Santa Gertrudis South in Grecia, has a wide variety of options to enjoy. There are pools, green areas, camping spots, picnic tables, and a playground. You can also walk on the trails surrounding the river garments and watch birds, where 110 species have been recorded.

They have a restaurant with delicious options for all tastes, and in addition, they have a hydraulic mill from 1865 that is used for tourism purposes.

El Paraíso Waterfall

El Paraíso Waterfall, located in San Miguel Arriba, is approximately 65 meters high. This wonderful natural beauty resembles a long white curtain due to its height.

To reach the waterfall, you have to walk along the trails where there’s camping and picnic areas. There is also a natural pool with a water slide, which is ideal for having fun and relaxing after the hike.

The trails are suitable for everyone, even pets are allowed!

El Santuario- Recreational Farm

Located in Puente de Piedra, Grecia, this farm provides services for outdoor events, but the most important is the ecological hiking tour services. These tend to be of beginner difficulty and are 10km long.

The tour guides seek to educate about the ecological needs of the canton promoting environment consciousness. In addition, the tours go through the conservation area ‘El Santuario’, a green corridor with a great variety of flora and fauna.

You can finishing at the historical-architectural heritage of Costa Rica, known as El Puente de Piedra (The Stone Bridge).

Café Victoria- Coffee tour experience

Coopevictoria is a coffee and sugar producer in San Isidro de Grecia. They have tours focused on the production process of coffee, which are called Victoria Experience Tours.

The tour provides the whole experience, from the harvesting to the tasting of a delicious cup of coffee. This experience is for both national and foreign tourists.

They also offer special packages that include direct visits to the producers and even cupping sessions for those tourists who request it.

Other day trips and activities in Grecia

Day Trips Grecia - Puente de piedra

In general, Grecia is an area that offers a great variety of tourist options to enjoy. Both for nature lovers and those interested in rural lifestyle; a perfect place for day trip activities, surround by hidden natural beauties.

In addition to the places already mentioned, you can visit our articles focused on traveling destinations in Grecia. If you want to know more about restaurants or coffee production in Grecia. We also have a cycling route guide to explore the town.

¡Cycling routes in Grecia!

Grecia is the perfect place for day trips, weekend plans and adventure!

This area is also in constant real estate and commercial development. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about Grecia or are considering living or investing in the area, do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors.

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