Grecia is an area of great development and surplus value that over the years has been adapting to market changes. Currently Free Trade Zones are a great attraction, not only for the opening of jobs and with it, the mobilization of people and the local economy, but for the benefits that these models of commercial development offer.

Here’s everything you need to know about these business models:

The western zone is positioning itself as a stable, qualified and capable market. The properties we represent offer everything you need to live comfortably in an area of great added value.

Zonas Francas Grecia-Costa Rica Free Trade ZonesPatricia Barrantes, NATIVU Grecia Advisor

Free Zones in Grecia

Zonas Indutriales Grecia

Parque Activa

It is the first mixed-use industrial park in the western area outside the GAM. With a size of 79 hectares and only 20 minutes from Juan Santa María airport. It started operations in March 2019 and has more than 350,000 square meters of industrial land ready to house potential manufacturing and logistics operations.

Parque Activa has land ready for development, pre-approved permits and tailor-made solutions (Cold Shell) according to the requirements of its customers. Some of the companies currently operating are: Extralum, Corso, Nutrilac and Real Estate Fusion.

CR Green Valley

Costa Rica Green Valley consists of a 741-acre Master Plan that is being developed as a mixed-use project with industrial, commercial, residential and corporate components.

Zona Franca Grecia is intended for global high-tech and advanced manufacturing companies with high added value, which will find in Costa Rica special conditions for their global operations.

To ensure continuity of operations, the park’s infrastructure is designed to the highest international standards in water, sewerage, electricity and telecommunications systems.

Zonas Francas Grecia
Zonas Francas Grecia

Evolution Free Zone

Evolution Free Zone is strategically located with direct access to the North Inter-American Highway, just 15 minutes from Juan Santamaría Airport, which facilitates access to the main roads and ports of the country. In addition, it is located no more than 30 minutes from the main cities of the West.

It is a commercial complex where extraordinary companies converge to capitalize on existing knowledge, leverage technology and elevate human talent in a unique, surprising and sustainable combination to achieve great objectives. 

Due to its high strategic value for the country and the  region, it was declared an urban landmark and of cantonal interest by the Municipal Council of Grecia in 2020.

Zonas Francas Grecia

Benefits of Free Trade Zones in Costa Rica

The Free Trade Zone is an incentive for exports that allows the development of industrial, commercial and service activities, under special regulations, in exchange, tax, customs and foreign trade matters. The benefits are customs extraterritoriality.

  • Requirements for companies in Free Trade Zones in Costa Rica:

Minimum investment of 10 million dollars for a commercial activity considered as a “megaproject”, regardless of its location. Manufacturing companies must maintain a minimum of 200 employees on the payroll at the start of production operations.

  • The Free Zones (RZF) regime is defined in Costa Rica as the set of incentives and benefits granted by the country to companies that make new investments and comply with local requirements and obligations. This regime is regulated by the Free Zones Law No. 7210 and its regulations.
  • Benefits: At the highest level, free zone companies  provide the country with hard currency capital, jobs generally more modern than those available locally; development of high-value chains for local suppliers; access to new markets to which these companies will export their goods and services.
  • How do they operate? : The Free Zones regime  represents approximately 50% of Costa Rica’s commercial shipments abroad, but companies that benefit from the status and jurisdiction of free zones, and that can benefit from those incentives, must comply with the legally stipulated requirements.
  • How many free zones are there in Costa Rica? The regime in Costa Rica has existed since 1990. There are currently 41 Free Zones that house 375 companies. Additionally, these companies generate 120,000 direct employees and 57,000  indirect jobs. Those 120,000 people that the Free Zones directly employ are paid $2.117 billion in salaries and $786 million in social charges per year.

With the development of the Free Trade Zones, the West is increasingly finding more and better investment options in areas such as Grecia, Atenas, Sarchí, Naranjo, Palmares and San Ramón.

If you are interested in knowing about the best properties in the area for housing or investment, do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors.