Guanacaste is a vibrant city, full of people who every day do the best for their community. “People of Guana”, excels in each of the different fields in which they develop, making this province the perfect place to live incredible experiences every day.

In this interview we talk with the lawyer Catalina Baltodano, our community partner in the area, who shares with us what life is like in this province of Costa Rica.

The magic of the simple

Guanacaste is known worldwide, for being rich in biodiversity, surrounded by beaches of clear water and mountains of incredible foliage. Going to see the sun hide among the sea or sunrise with the singing of exotic birds at the door, are some of the small pleasures that this province offers.

However, what characterizes Guana is its people. Those people who get up every day to turn the simple into the extraordinary!

One of them is Catalina Baltodano, this lawyer by profession, was born, raised and currently lives in Guanacaste, developing personally and professionally in a supportive and united community.

Cata tells us how despite being a province with more than 300,000 inhabitants, the development is sustained thanks to the work of a culturally diverse community that shares the same love for this little piece of land.

The best thing about living in Guanacaste is that everyone knows each other here, so together we help and we are a united community committed to local development.

Catalina Baltodano, Managing Partner, Rightway Costa Rica

The best of each culture

Costa Rica is a destination country for many travelers, tourists and expats. In the interview, Cata tells us about the value of cultural wealth, as this is a fundamental pillar in the economic, social and cultural development of the area.

The foreign contribution has helped small communities to develop and train in various areas, allowing people in difficult situations to get ahead, with the help of local projects that seek to improve the living conditions of those who live in this province.

The sustainable and multicultural approach has been gaining strength. In recent years  we’ve been seen the result of the participation of national and foreign agents who have joined forces to work together for the community. In the quality of professionals, local labor, real estate projects, accessibility and economic activation that has been fundamental for Guanacaste.

Despite being an area whose main income is tourism; the promotion of projects at the local level, has opened spaces for small businesses, new ventures and large projects. The combination of natural landscapes, tourist destinations and development is what makes Guana, the perfect place to live surrounded by cultures from all over the world without losing of course what makes us pura vida!

Rightway Legal Studio

Catalina is an entrepreneur and an active part of the community, so she recently started Rightway Legal Studio, where with a highly trained team, offers legal  services on various issues for both nationals and foreigners.

Advisory services are comprehensive and accompany throughout the process for both Spanish speakers and those who need trusted English-language attorneys.

If you are interested in contacting Catalina Baltodano, you can do so by email: 

Contact Catalina Baltodano

#GenteDeGuana is the part that we like to highlight the most, because without that human quality, development would not be possible. The balance between nature and work has achieved a united community, focused on the sustainability and protection of ecosystems, making the best use of commercial and tourist areas.

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