The opening of our new NATIVU office in Santa Teresa brought to our team Martijn and Korneel Glorieux. These brothers from Belgium moved to Santa Teresa and have been a part of very interesting projects in the area. Now they are bringing their focus to real estate and investment by joining forces with us and starting this new exciting office!

Martijn is an entrepreneur of several successful businesses, he’s also a father who moved with his family to Santa Teresa 10 years ago and now a real estate advisor for NATIVU. Korneel is a sound engineer, musician and DJ who moved a little more recently to Costa Rica but with the excitement and energy ready to get this office off the ground!

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“Santa Teresa is an example of an international crossroads with people from all over the world. You’ll find a backpacker to a Hollywood actor and this mix in my opinion enriches life a lot and is an experience that opens the mind. […] Santa Teresa for my is an example of united cultures of the world.”

-Martijn Glorieux, NATIVU Santa Teresa.

If you want more information to buy or sell a properties in Santa Teresa, you can contact our specialized team. Their proactive attitude in their work can help you achieve the best transaction!

Here you can see the portfolio of properties represented by them.