The Fire Department of Grecia, Costa Rica, was established in 1958 by a group of individuals committed to protecting their communities. Over the past six decades, this fire station has grown and evolved to provide a vital service.

Origin and Foundation of the First Volunteer Group

In 1958, a committee was formed by residents of Grecia, including Miguel Hidalgo Ferreto, José A. Arias Umaña, and Miquel A Sánchez Salas. Their goal was to create a Fire Department for the community. With the help of Chief Víctor Manuel Hernández and the Central Station, they acquired the necessary equipment and provided training for the first group of volunteers. Thanks to this team effort, the Fire Department was established and has since served to keep the community safe.

Grecia is a close-knit community, and thanks to the dedication of its residents, the first volunteer fire company took place. Initially, they were located in the electrical workshops of the local government. The first firefighting unit was a portable pump towed by a pickup truck.

Growth and Modernization of the Station

 Grecia fire station

Throughout the years, the Grecia fire station has received support from various sources, including the Alajuela fire station. Additionally, Olman Quesada Bolaños, the first permanent firefighter, has contributed to the team’s capability and education. This cooperation has allowed the team to offer a more efficient service to the community.

In 1981, they received a larger piece of land, to make the construction of a more extensive and useful fire station possible. Today, the station has a modern fire engine and is staffed by six permanent firefighters and supported by 20 volunteer firefighters, ensuring comprehensive protection during times of need.

Throughout the years, the Grecia fire station has responded to numerous emergencies. From its first official alarm in 1961 to the present day, these dedicated firefighters have been serving the community with commitment and determination.

Their legacy is a shining example of community and a passion for service. Over time, the station has evolved to become a fundamental pillar of safety characterized by its unwavering dedication to protecting others.