In Curridabat you can find many options to go out and enjoy some time with the family or a good meal, but none of them is like Vía Guayabos. This shopping center offers a variety of restaurants for all kinds of tastes and the best of all, it’s pet friendly! So you can bring your pet and enjoy the amenities that it offers.

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The NATIVU team had the opportunity to talk with Julieta Cedeño, member of the team behind Vía Guayabos, who had the pleasure of explaining the concept of the shopping center and the target audience that could fully enjoy it.

We invite you to enjoy an excellent choice of food, enjoy with your families and your pets in the shopping center. In the next few days a Japanese restaurant will open and two more options that will complement what already exists. If you want to know more, you can look for us on our social networks.

Julieta Cedeño, Vía Guayabos


Vía Guayabos is considered more like a gastronomic option, since it offers a great variety of places with different gastronomic delights, from salads to street food. In addition, it has the advantage of allowing pets, which makes it a familiar concept and different from the options in the sector.

Target audience

Being easy to assume, the target audience of the shopping center is anyone who enjoys playing with their pet, going for a walk with it and enjoying a good gastronomic option.

New projects

If you have already visited the shopping center and had an excellent experience or are eager to do so, you will be interested to know that the Vía Guayabos team reported that new projects are currently being developed within the shopping center without fixed dates, such as the Animal Hospital, a Hotel and Pet Nursery and a university specialized in the Veterinary career.

If you want to have an unforgettable experience with your pet, you cannot miss visiting Via Guayabos, likewise, if on the other hand what interests you and you want is to try new restaurants, you already know where you can find a great variety and with a unique atmosphere in the Curridabat area.

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