In the competitive real estate market of the Greater Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica (GAM), finding ideal commercial premises for the development of projects can be a challenge. To facilitate this process, Nativu’s real estate scouting team has carefully filtered and selected the best commercial premises in the GAM.

Having suffered a strong global economic contraction, it is now possible for us to recapitulate and analyze the way in which businesses, industries, enterprises, etc., operated. Prior to these events, it was more or less easy for entrepreneurs to make expansion projections based on medium economic stability.

Once the pandemic passed, a rethinking  of strategies was necessary because the way of doing business changed drastically. Many businesses failed to maintain themselves and others quickly adapted, reinvented themselves in the process and managed to overcome the crisis. There was also an emergence of new business styles.

Now in 2023 we can realize how the “Renaissance of Commercial Premises in the Central Valley” is developing. Little by little that thorn that entrepreneurs have begins to disturb them and to structure different business ideas. The norm of having only one type of business is behind us. These are times where diversification is the guideline to follow.

We have been able to perceive that  the trend is the search for small spaces such as kiosks and premises between 30 m2 to 60m2 depending on the type of product. There is a belief that the western area of the capital is the best, because it is thought that there is greater purchasing power, however, that idea may be wrong since we have seen that the behavior of some types of businesses develops better in the east of the capital.

Progressively we see how shopping centers, shopping malls, malls and independent premises, begin to fill spaces that for a long time resented the absence of movement.

The best commercial premises in the GAM, Costa Rica

Locales Comerciales en el GAM
  • Privileged location with easy access to the best business complexes and airport.
  • Quality offices and commercial premises in a vibrant environment.
  • Elegant environment, ample parking and high traffic of people.
  • $2,102/month
  • 100.11m²
Locales comerciales Costa Rica
  • Exceptional opportunity to establish your business in a privileged business environment.
  • Ample parking and 24/7 security to provide peace of mind and protection.
  • Location in an area of high commercial influence.
  • $1,000/month
  • 42m²
Centros comerciales en GAM
  • Exceptional opportunity in strategic location with high visibility.
  • Versatile and functional commercial space with ample dimensions.
  • 24/7 security and amenities that guarantee tranquility and protection.
  • $2,078/month
  • 156m²
Locales Comerciales Costa Rica
  • Located in the province of Heredia, an area of great commercial appeal.
  • Wide range of brands, shops, boutiques and dining options.
  • Complete experience in one place, with varied entertainment.

At NATIVU Comercial & Desarrollo we are happy to be a core part of this Renaissance of Commercial Premises in the GAM, of this feeling of being promoters of the development and strengthening of the country’s economy.

Lumberth ChaconLumberth Chacón, Nativu C&D Advisor

Our specialized advisors can help you find the best options for commercial premises in Costa Rica. The Nativu Comercial y Desarrollo team is trained in real estate scouting to provide the best service and help you find the property that will maximize your business.

Live happy and invest wisely with Nativu!