The Municipality of Montes de Oca put at the service of the neighbors of the East Zone a bicycle lane. It has a distance of 21.5 kilometers, which includes and joins the cantons of San José, Desamparados and Montes de Oca. This infrastructure achievement has allowed many people to travel to their jobs, studies or personal commitments by bicycle in a safer way while encouraging physical activity.

Benefits of bicycle lanes

  • Generate more pleasant public spaces: Streets with less traffic and fewer cars parked on public roads.

  • The bike is equitable: it is accessible to all, including those with lower incomes.

  • Pleasant spaces attract more people, which translates into more potential customers.

  • Biking is good for your health: 20 minutes cycling can reduce the risk of health conditions and obesity problems.

Bicycle lane impact

  • The first part of the implementation was carried out with the demarcation of the bicycle lane between Los Yoses and La Granja neighborhood.

  • The second part of the project includes sections in the Higuerón, Calle Masís, Vargas Araya, El Prado, José María Zeledón and Freses sectors.

  • It is estimated that the east bicycle lane will benefit 160,000 people per day of the floating population.

  • It will also benefit 138,000 residents.

  • Approximately 75,000 university students will use this bicycle lane.

  • This infrastructure facilitates metropolitan connectivity in a safe, peaceful and decarbonized way.

In the East Zone, cyclists have two options for sustainable mobility: bicycle lanes and a shared lane, which has a graphic that informs drivers that they must share the lane with us cyclists. With these two lanes I feel safe while I practice cycling as a sport, but I also meet people who go to work and school by bicycle.

Mauricio Castillo, Nativu East Advisor

In recent years, bicycle transport has increased and the arrival of the pandemic boosted it even more. Hundreds of people work by bike delivering orders, commute to work and many more go out to run errands or recreate in their neighborhoods. In order to meet this growing demand, and in line with the objectives of the project, Ciclovía al Este was born, which arrives to make all this possible.

If you are a resident of this area, enjoy and take advantage of the bike lane!

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