If by the end of the work week, you are looking for a different place to relax and get out of the routine, you cannot turn your back to find out about the next destination!

The Central Valley Wind Project – better known as the Santa Ana Wind Farm – is the ideal place to go out for a picnic weekend, with friends, family and even pets.

According to sites like Que Buen Lugar and Como Llegar, this destination is not only beautiful because of the view it has throughout the Central Valley. But it is also easily accessible, as long as you have a 4×4 vehicle, because the road is very steep.

The wind farms stand out for their proximity, their natural beauty and for being a public space, in other words; there is no fee to go to the point, or use the space.


How can I get there?

The route you can take is the following: From the BNCR of Santa Ana, continue 200 meters south and 200 meters east, take the exit to Salitral and continue to “Soda la Esquina”, where you must take the exit to the right.

From there everything is direct climb and you can choose 3 options: Most people get to the top by car, others decide to go hiking and others even cycling.

Now, if you choose one of the last two, it is only recommended to people with medium to high resistance and experience. This is because the road is steep, long and several farms must be crossed. You should consider that on foot or by bike, the journey can last several hours, during which you should hydrate and snack well.


As previously stated, if you are interested in doing the climb on foot or by bicycle, remember to have nutritious food (fruit, energy bars, etc.), enough water, appropriate clothing and sunscreen.

In general, for visitors, it is very advisable to be accompanied by someone who knows the route, since several trails and pastures must be crossed.

And finally, in addition to a recommendation, the following is an important reminder: don’t forget to pick up your trash when you return home. This way, we keep the place clean and pleasant, so that others can enjoy it too.

Beyond being a valuable source of wind energy and being an imposing site, due to the huge propellers, the best thing about this destination is that it offers you the opportunity to reconnect with nature, set aside city stress and enjoy the beautiful Costa Rican landscapes.

The Santa Ana Wind Farm Project is a place that will not disappoint you. Take the opportunity to exercise, fly kites, play with your dogs, watch the sunset from above, etc … it doesn’t take much to have a really good time!