When a real estate consultant carries out a good showing process, in the phase prior to the visit, a document named real estate visit sheet  should always be filled out. This allow the real estate agency to keep track of the clients that have visited the property. And to keep count on how many showings the selling or renting process take to be successful. A report in the real estate visits will always mean a better track.

This tool is one of the most appealing to the client since allows them to recognize the work being done by the agency in search of potential clients who are looking for similar properties.

What is a real estate visit sheet?

The real estate visit sheet is a form or document filled with the information obtain in the showing. The goal of this visit report is to collect information in a safe way, since it’s signed by all parties (buyer, seller and Real Estate Agent).

Logically the visit report has presumption of veracity and security since all the fundamental data of the real estate visit are registered.

What should be included in the report?

  • Property owner(s).

  • Visitor information: their names, surnames, identity card or passport; this information proves their personality.

  • Name of the Agency and the real estate consultant making the visit

  • Verification that they are visiting the property for the first time.

  • Notice that clients may only purchase the property through the agency  and not directly with the owners without prior notification to the agency.

The real estate visit sheet recognize the professional services carried out by the Agency. The visit report gives a sign of a qualified Agency, providing a plus of security. All the data collected are for private and exclusive use of the agency. Nativu always recommends this forms on the visits whether you are going  to buy or to rent the property.

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