Los Yoses in San Pedro de Montes de Oca has a new green boulevard called “Conexion Viva”. The purpose of this new space is that people can enjoy the vegetation and a place where they can exercise, have a picnic or simply appreciate the new species of trees.

This will be similar to an Interurban Biological Corridor; the old plants and trees were diseased, so they were removed and new spices were planted in their place. These are intended to be urban spaces that provide connectivity between landscapes, ecosystems and habitats, to interconnect micro-watersheds and natural spaces.

The rehabilitation of these areas not only makes the area more aesthetically pleasing, but also allows more families to share beautiful places at no cost. They can exercise with specialized equipment, enjoy the children’s park and the dog park. Culturally, they are spaces that include the whole family.

Mauricio Castillo, Nativu Este Advisor

¿Where is located Boulevard Los Yoses?

The first phase is being executed in the islands located between Central Avenue and Boulevard Los Yoses. This is the grove that is north of the main street of San Pedro, between the old Subaru and the pedestrian traffic lights that are near the Hispanidad roundabout. The second stage of the project includes the strip of trees located between Central Avenue and 2nd Avenue, between Starbucks and Subway.

Distribution of spaces

Urban furniture will be placed to create new spaces for people to enjoy. An area for children, another one for pets, a space for exercise and also a platform for recreation.

  • Skate ramp

  • Multipurpose space

  • Living space

  • Pets Park

  • Picnic area – coffee

  • Playground

  • Exercise structures

This new Boulevard Los Yoses will provide greater security to the people who pass through the place, at the same time it will enhance their permanence in the area. Promoting greater social integration, allowing people to take ownership of city spaces.

If you want to have this new version of Los Yoses up close, Nativu Este offers you a series of properties near the place.

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