SMEs are fundamental to the Costa Rican economy. According to data from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce of Costa Rica, they are responsible for 72% of employment in the private sector. However, SMEs in Costa Rica face many challenges, including access to financing and technology.

We spoke with Blanco & Negro about these obstacles, and how they have managed to create a community that, in  addition to promoting sustainable agriculture, provides support for local producers in Turrialba.

Live, invest and sow!

Local proximity in food matters ensures that in the event of a climatic, economic, financial crisis or any other eventuality, our health can continue to be protected. Costa Rica thanks to its privileged location, is an area that allows access to most of the food required to have a balanced diet without having to leave the territory. This is why producers are key in the sustainable development of the country.

Blanco & Negro has joined more  than 79 brands with a catalog of  more than 700 products under the principle of local proximity. The commercial initiative has been very well received in Turrialba, thanks to the  quality of life offered by the area; not only for access to food but for the possibility of producing organically and the opportunity to live a more natural lifestyle.

Cartago is characterized by achieving a combination between city and mountain, allowing easy mobilization and connecting thousands of people from different realities in the same place. Planting what we consume and promoting the exchange of goods at local level guarantees the management and growth of small businesses that positively impact the development of the country.

The challenges of SMEs in Costa Rica

80% of  SMEs in Costa Rica disappear before 3 years of operation. Especially since the formalization of processes to enter more competitive markets is becoming increasingly complex. Foreign companies are also a challenge because of the lack of access to new markets generated by this type of multinationals.

Local entrepreneurs have a different lifestyle than in big cities. They are people who live with enthusiasm and dreams, who manage to educate by example, seeing life differently.

By consuming locally, you are supporting the national economy, increasing market diversification and consuming organic and sustainable products
made through environmentally friendly practices. 

Blanco & Negro: a community of entrepreneurs in Turrialba

B&N is a community that was born with the premise of producing food organically. Over time it has become a platform that supports local entrepreneurs in Turrialba by offering them visibility and access to complementary products and market diversification. Demonstrating that Turrialba has the potential not only to produce quality food but to create professional brands that are benchmarks in investment and market issues.

Founded by Laura and Maria José Figueres, they currently offer a gourmet-organic store that connects different producers in the area.

This allows real people to live and carry out their projects by offering not only the space to promote the products, but also access to financial education and management for small businesses.

If you want to know more about this project you can contact the Blanco & Negro team through their social networks.

On the other hand, if you are interested in looking for farms and properties to invest and produce in the Turrialba area or in the surroundings of Cartago, do not hesitate to contact our specialized advisors.